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What is Autovei Truck Explorer?

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Truck Explorer® – a unique VEI tool on the market for special operations on MERCEDES, MAN, FREIGHTLINER, BharatBenz, Mitsubishi Fuso, Foton, Grove, MAZ, KAMAZ, CLAAS, PONSSE, UNIMOG, and other trucks and buses.

VEI device allows to read/write full memory (FLASH / EEPROM), clone ECU, make IMMO OFF, program new keys, cahnge speed / torque limit, calculate access codes (example: VeDoc (X1, X2, X8), FDOK (XT, XN), DAS password). 

Chiptuning, Immobilizer OFF, Deactivate DTCs by ECU. ECU Cloning without soldering. All operations cold be done via OBD2 or by direct connection (see DirectConnect 2U tool).

All licenses are the lifetime. The VEI device will work all the time. With the annual update/support subscription, you will get our support and updates for bug fixes. Valid subscription required to purchase additional licenses.

Supported ECU of a trucks: MR (PLD), MCM, MCM2, MCM2.1, ACM2, ACM2.1, TCM, EIS, FR, CPC, CPC3, CPC4, ADM3, GS2; FFR, PTM, EDC7, VCM2, VCM3 and other.
Please read or ask us about operations for each ECU.

Transponder Key Replacement and Programming

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