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Car Key Remote repairs.

Car Key Remote repairs, key covers , remote cover or shells , Damaged remotes , remote buttons damaged , remote batteries , replacement key/remote covers/housings/shells , Broken keys/remotes

Merc – ESL /EZS /Key repairs

We have full testing facility to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and offer 1 year warranty.

· We repair all blocked or faulty Electronic Steering Locks (ESL)
· We repair all EZS/EIS – electronic ignitions
· We repair all remote keys
· W204 C Class has the most common failure on the Electronic Steering Lock. We are able to replace/repair and program your Steering Lock
· We also have an alternative solution for a steering lock , an emulator can be programmed for all Mercedes vehicles, this will eliminate any future mechanical failures of the steering lock

Car Key Remote Repairs

Car Key Remote Repairs

BMW – FRM module repairs

Very common problem on BMW’s :

BMW FRM (Footwell Module) is electronic head unit that manages/controls all lights/electronic windows in a car.

Sometimes, caused mostly from undervoltage/overvoltage, this unit gets corrupted and diagnostics cannot communicate with module anymore. Lights will go out of control and electric windows will also fail.

There are many variants of FRM(Footwell Module) FRM1, FRM2, and FRM3 which all have different controls and functions.
We will repair and reprogram back to original settings for all FRM’s.

Engine Control Unit (ECU) repairs-

We have repair capability of most global ECU brands.

We have extensive knowledge in engine control units and aim to make sure you get the best service.

Services offered:

· ECU Exchange Units
· ECU Repairs
· Truck ECU Repairs
· Immobilizer ECU Repair


  • We replace most key and remote covers.
  • We also fit new rechargeable batteries that are soldered onto PCB of the remotes
  • We solder new buttons to PCB
Transponder Key Replacement and Programming

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