Pinetown Replacement Electronic Car Keys and Programming.

Car Key Cutting and Programming Services in Pinetown.

If you find yourself stuck in Pinetown locked out of your car due to the key being lost, stolen or damaged our automotive locksmith can duplicate your transponder key on site next to your vehicle.  The engineer will cut an identical car key, programme the transponder and test the key while you wait.

Pinetown Replacement Car Keys.

Have you lost your car keys or need spare car keys? Key-Soft can replace car keys and transponders keys for almost any vehicle.  Our mobile locksmith vehicle is fitted with the latest in technology so we can supply you with replacement keys and transponders for your vehicle at a time and location that suits you.

Key-Soft Replacement for Broken Car Keys.

Damaged electronics or metal fatigue can leave you standing locked out of your vehicle, however Key-Soft Professional Car Locksmiths have the training and latest equipment to perform a broken car key / transponder key repair or replacement.

Key-Soft Your Solution to Worn Out Car Keys.

Just as Broken Car Keys can cause much frustration, Worn Out Car Keys even more so. With standard Car Keys or Transponder Keys working intermittantly it is preferable that you purchase some new keys as you could be standing helplessly next to your vehicle and as most suppliers could take a number of weeks to replace your key this is definitley not the solution. Key-Soft can have a replacement key cut or programmed onsite, next to your vehicle and you back in your vehicle in a minimal amount of time.

Our extensive vehicle locksmith services in Pinetown include:

  • Lost or stolen car key replacement
  • Broken car key repair or replacement
  • Broken key extraction from locks
  • Spare car key / car key duplication
  • Vehicle entry and key retrieval for when keys are locked inside the car
  • Damaged lock and ignition repair
  • Central locking remote programming and repair
  • ECU programming and immobiliser work
Transponder Key Replacement and Programming

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